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Meaningful words for meaningful actions.

About us

Centrum dohody, Consulting & Development

Centrum dohody provides professional services in the areas of soft skills trainings, coaching and program facilitation. Thanks to the excellent level of our consultants we are also considered one of the finest partners of corporate change projects, corporate culture analyzes, managerial programs and consultations on the Czech market.

The focus of our company activities is on development of managers at all levels with high proportion of cooperation with top managements of Czech and international companies. We implement various individualized trainings for Top management, often along with consultations and coaching.

In number of companies we run projects aimed at corporate culture change, development and/or implementation of new corporate values. We facilitate the process of strategic planning and we are partners at setting of system solutions in top management teams as well as in company-wide context. We run comprehensive audits, we consult the following recommendations where we often help in the final implementation. Our company designs process changes on a company-wide level and also set company-wide mentoring systems.

We individually prepare employees on all levels for demanding negotiations and important presentations; we help them to find solutions for challenging managerial and personal situations. We act as facilitator of difficult and complicated negotiations, we act as mediator as an alternative conflict resolution of complex conflicts across corporation. Centrum dohody helps eliminate barriers in cooperation and team communication. Our consultants bring sometimes necessary outsider’s insight to identify and remove problems in communication or other areas. Thanks to our own know-how, extensive experience, excellent references and a highly flexible approach we are a sought-after partner of HR managers and top managements.

Besides a continuous training of our consultants, their personal managerial experience and regular supervision, the secret of our work quality is especially in the exclusivity of the relationship: our consultants work only for us. Thanks to this we can provide high standard of our services in long-term, share knowledge of the latest trends and we can provide unique know-how. We strictly create all our programs together in the team.

There is a friendly atmosphere and highly professional approach in our company. Our experience shows we succed to transfer the team spirit, enthusiasm and energy on our clients.

The history of Centrum Dohody

Maybe you are asking yourself – why are we called “Centrum dohody” and what does it mean? It's an interesting story: in 1996, the Partners for Democratic Change training centre network, which operates worldwide, decided to establish a company which would introduce and spread mediation as a method of out-of-court negotiation in the Czech Republic. In this way, Centrum dohody (which in the Czech language means "The Center of Agreement") was established as the first Czech mediation centre, which soon focused its services primarily on the training of other mediators and experts in negotiation, and later the entire soft skills spectrum.

Since 1999, we've focused our company strategy on management development and company process improvement, as well as soft skills training, coaching and mentoring. In 2009, the company moved to Hradčanské náměstí where it uses beautiful training premises in the historical Kanovnický Dům building. From the very beginning, we've operated as a company formed by a team of dynamic individuals connected by a desire to move things forward and develop themselves and others, and who enjoy their work.


CENTRUM DOHODY, s.r.o. does satisfy the legal requirements related to the personal data protection and processing; in this respect, the company has issued Rules and Principles of Personal Data Protection and Processing, to be found in Czech at https://www.centrumdohody.com/gdpr/

This document contains, e.g., the conditions of processing of persnal data based on consent of the data subject; however, such consent must be granted separately. Further, the company uses the CENTRUM DOHODY, s.r.o. Internal Rules  on Protection and Processing of Personal Data.