Česká asociace mentoringu

Centrum dohody is an initiator and a long-term partner of the Czech Mentoring Association (CMA, Česká asociace mentoringu in Czech). The CMA seeks to increase the awareness and quality of mentoring in Czech companies, as well as establish standards and open up new possibilities for employees to grow and develop.

We do our mentoring both on and off-line, however the client prefers it.

What activities is the cma currently involved in?

Individual training for future mentors

Individual and intensive training of mentoring skills. It consists of several sessions where the candidate learns the ropes under the guidance of an expertly trained consultant. The candidate also works on assigned tasks and prepares for final certification.

The program links theory with practical training and provides prospective mentors with enough time and support to develop the necessary knowledge and skills. A successful graduate will receive a certificate from the Czech Mentoring Association. We also offer post-graduate supervision should new mentors request it.

Group mentoring training

One-day training tailored to those companies that wish to have their own mentors trained without the need for CAM certification. This training is highly practical and focused on the acquisition of all the right mentoring skills. It is adapted to the specific requirements of corporate clients.

Additionally, we offer graduates the opportunity to follow up with a short mentoring course to qualify them for individual CMA certification.

Consultaton for mentors

Mentors who already have protégés can take advantage of our individual support and consultation.

Support and consultation for starting up a corporate mentoring program

We offer comprehensive support and consultation for setting up a mentoring program in your company. We provide a working template of the internal mentoring process, help coordinate activities, and monitor and evaluate the entire process and training of protégés.

The support takes the form of close and productive cooperation and always reflects the individual requirements of the client.