Mgr. Lukáš Rumlena

Senior Consultant, Development Director

Lukáš Rumlena

Lukáš focuses on developing presentation and facilitation skills, self-management and self-development, and providing support for agile teams and team communication. He often helps managers prepare for important public-speaking events, relying as he does on his years of experience in author theatre.

He has long specialized in projects focused on developing and improving company culture. He has been interested in this field since his cultural studies at the Faculty of Arts at Charles University in Prague. His expertise is evident every time he helps our clients implement successful organisational changes or formulate working visions and strategies.

He is the development director and a member of management.

He enjoys playing modern board games and often uses them when designing and facilitating our team-building programs. Practicing Qigong exercises gives him the energy he needs to work hard and raise his three daughters. He also uses the GTD technique, which he promotes enthusiastically, to maintain his good mental health.

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Lukáš Rumlena Lukáš Rumlena Lukáš Rumlena Lukáš Rumlena Lukáš Rumlena Lukáš Rumlena