Indoor and outdoor teambuilding

Join us for indoor and outdoor teambuilding!

  • Do you need to kick-start or bring together team members, establish functional communication, and create a truly positive atmosphere?
  • Do you want teambuilding to be demanding, but at the same time remembered fondly by everyone?
  • Do you need to motivate the team to approach teambuilding with gusto, and take part in all the activities?
  • Have you experienced many programs already, and want to try something new?

You will experience a story – the programs are interwoven with a single thematic thread; all the activities are carefully selected and adapted to help team development, and so that they have a purpose to their sequence.

You will be in good hands – our teambuilding programs are led by trainers and consultants with managerial and communication skills, university educated people, experienced facilitators who know how to handle the team process dynamic, and who themselves develop innovative team building programs.

You will be able to solve professional situations and relationships  a combination of experiential activities and the subsequent workshop, aimed for example at establishing communication within the team framework, resolution of internal conflicts and strategic planning. The program brings fundamental and long-term shifts in the entire team's work.

Examples of our theme-based team building

Ancient master – this team building program is based on traditional crafts – you can become a potter, sculptor, fisherman, blacksmith or shepherd, and your team will spend the day engaged in natural activities which will provide many stimuli for both individual and team development.

Life in a medieval castle – castle garrison team building, with all the trimmings.

Citydoor – outdoor teambuilding in the old part of Prague. Particularly suitable for teams from outside Prague, or for companies based in Prague who don't want to leave the city but still want to provide their people with a team building experience.

Team bulding on the water – a non-traditional journey down the Danube on hand-made vessels; sporty and fun river rides.

Winter survival in the mountains – the team can get by on very little.

Adrenalin in the air – for teams who want to find out what they are made of.

What our clients see as the benefits of teambuilding with Centrum Dohody

  • A better team atmosphere, and greater trust among its members
  • Increased motivation and enthusiasm for work, increased team performance
  • An energy boost for tough times
  • An unforced bringing together of team members, a cementing of the team
  • Establishing functional cooperation and communication within the team framework
  • Effective preparation for various risks and changes which await the team in the future
  • Kick-starting team activity after organizational or personnel changes
  • Solving of challenging and conflict themes