Soft skills trainings

  • Are people in your organization under strong pressure to perform? Do you want to help them work more efficiently and with less stress?
  • Do you want to develop managers' skills which are key for leading people?
  • Do you want to increase your traders' persuasiveness?
  • Do you see gaps in the effectiveness of internal or external communication?
  • Would you like to support creative potential of people who deliver innovation?
  • Do you want diversity in your company to deliver benefit rather than conflict?

We train managers and specialists in the whole range of soft skills tat are key to job success. We implement tailor-made trainings for individual teams, professional groups, or participants in talent programs or company-wide catalogue courses.

We always adapt the design of the training to professional specifics; we work with model situations based on the participants' actual practice, and we devote sufficient space to the sharing of best practices among participants. Every one of our training programs, therefore, is an original which respects the actual needs of the participants.

We work with the participants before and after the training to help them maximize the use of the acquired knowledge in practice, as per the 70-20-10 adult education principle. We support the participants in self-coaching and self-education.

In team training, we engage the managers in the process so that we can achieve permanent changes. For this purpose, we use our own original M-T-M (Management-Team-Management) three-part process. In the first part, we work with the managers to identify the development needs of their people and supply them with the necessary know-how for the effective management of the team. In the second part, we briefly train their employees in the new system, so that the managers can easily apply new skills in the already-prepared team, and at the same time we map their needs for effective management with them. In the third part, we give practical instructions to the managers regarding the management of their specific teams. This training delivers the maximum effect from the perspective of team productivity and the satisfaction of its members.

Customized Services

  • Managerial skills and leadership

    • Efficient team management and development
    • Leading people to performance
    • Effective project management Leadership changes
  • Sales skills

    • Building a relationship with the client
    • The techniques of successful business negotiations
    • Creation of a positive image
  • Effective communication

    • Professional management of meetings and conferences
    • Effective e-mail communication
    • Pro-client communication (not only) by telephone
  • Self-management

    • Tasks under control
    • A balanced life
    • Health and energy for every day
  • Presentation skills

    • A message which people will “buy”
    • Presentation design
    • Speaker's form
  • Assertiveness and conflict resolution

    • Anti-manipulation defence
    • Assertiveness without harm
    • A path to agreement
    • Mediation skills in corporate practice
  • Innovation and creativity

    • Innovative thinking
    • Structured decision-making
    • Workshop facilitation
  • Diversity

    • The mysteries of personality
    • Mars & Venus Ltd.
    • Corporate tribes
  • Talent programs