Mentor certification

  • Do you want to increase the managerial and professional potential of your employees?
  • Do you need to work with talented employees in such a way that you'll retain them in the company?
  • Would you like to ensure better acclimatization of new employees?
  • Are you interested in improving communication and knowledge sharing across the organization?
  • Are you looking for an effective, yet inexpensive, method of personal development of employees?

„I do not know of a single leader, in any area, who doesn't have at least one mentor.“

Warren Bennis


Mentoring is an effective method of the transfer and development of professional and managerial skills. It has direct influence on the performance, motivation and satisfaction of both the mentored workers, and the mentors themselves.

During mentoring, the mentor develops their own managerial skills, and gains new ideas from mentees.

Mentoring represents and effective way of supporting diversity in higher managerial positions.

A properly applied and professionally managed company mentoring process contributes to lower staff turnover and to the creation of a culture of co-operation and knowledge sharing, as well as supporting the realization of strategic objectives.

In order for the mentoring programme in the company to be successful, the mentoring system must be established in a way that is appropriate and sensitive to corporate culture, a mentoring manager must be designated, mentors and mentees must be correctly paired, they must be properly trained, and the whole process must be continuously evaluated.

We offer you our certified courses led by the experienced consultants of Centrum Dohody, who themselves act as professional mentors to younger employees.

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