Training for AC/DC assessors

  • We will teach your internal employees from the HR department, or line managers, how to properly implement Assessment and Development Centers with a high evidential value. They will learn how to create a suitable programme to monitor the necessary competences, position requirements, and management of objectives.
  • We will also share with you our tried-and-tested procedure for moderating the programme, as well as playing/monitoring within the framework of model situations leading to the acquisition of relevant information.
  • We intensively monitor the latest trends, and we develop our own know-how in the evaluation of workers. We share these findings through group training, individual consultations or practical support in the preparation of a specific AC/DC.
  • Together with HR specialists, we will also be happy to advise on the manner of realization of AC and DC in the company as a whole, and we will introduce an AC and DC management and evaluation system so that it is uniform in the organization, but at the same time applicable to various situations and positions.