HR consulting and development

  • Do you need to improve the skills of your internal trainers and coaches?
  • Do you want to establish a system of education in such a way that it has the maximum practical effect, and that the investment in the system is returned to the company?
  • Do you need to keep competent people in the organization?
  • Do you want to ensure that more experienced staff share their knowledge with less experienced colleagues?
  • Do you need to establish HR processes in a professional manner?
  • Are you interested in utilizing and strengthening diversity in your organization?
  • Do you need to improve the recruitment of the right people?

We have a long history of co-operation with recruiters and human resource managers, and we help them to establish processes which are functional and at the same time low in cost. We help them to utilize and develop the potential of the organization, and ensure that education, recruitment and other HR processes are investments which are returned to the company.

For HR, we add the highest value by sharing our innovative know-how and experience gained through co-operation with many international corporations, small and mid-size Czech companies, and organizations from various sectors. For some of our clients, we act as “outsourced HR”.

Customized Services