Programs for healthcare

Centrum dohody has been specialized in training of healthcare employees for 20 years already. As the only company in the Czech Republic we have trained more than 7 000 healthcare employees in a number of large hospitals.


Examples of implemented projects

International conferences

45 dermatologists attending the 23rd Congress of European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology in Amsterdam were able to take part in workshop lead by Centrum dohody trainers. The topic of the workshop was „How to lead highly effective medical team – introduction to leadership skills.“ The participants appreciated the quality of information from our trainers, the opportunity to share best practice among experts from various countries and continents, and the lively and interactive style of the workshop.

Due to great responses we have realized another workshop for EADV on the topic of communication and presentation skills in October 2015 in Copenhagen.

University Hospital in Motol

Centrum dohody realized a number of very well evaluated educational programs for University Hospital in Motol in years 2009 and 2011-2014.

Those educational programs were focused on development of communication skills and managerial skills of executives. We have trained over 4 000 employees of University Hospital in Motol.

2nd Faculty of Medicine Charles University

Centrum dohody was a main member of a project called Methods and organization of scientific work organized by 2nd Faculty of Medicine. The project was implemented in order to increase the competitiveness of PhD graduates in the labor market and it included trainings focused on communication with patients, professional presentation, laboratory management and teamwork skills.

Doctors and nurses in Nephrology

Centrum dohody has been working in the area of Nephrology since 1999. We implemented a number of successful programs for doctors and nurses of dialysis centers throughout the Czech Republic. These included e.g. Managerial skills for leading doctor (a one-year cycle) and a project called The Art of Nurse (a two-year cycle). Both of these programs were prepared specifically for the target group and based on previous research. All educational programs for nurses were accredited by Czech Association of Nurses.


“MS - Managerial skills” was a long-term project for leading doctors of oncology disciplines. Moreover there were implemented also programs focused on effective cooperation of medical teams and communication with patients in a number of oncology centres throughout the Czech Republic.

Advance Healthcare Management Institute

Centrum dohody has collaborated on medical education with the Advance Healthcare Management Institute since 2010. The program is focused on management in healthcare area and includes topics as presentation skills, change management, strategic communication, MBTI typology, effective HR management and time management.

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