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Centrum dohody - the first choice in medical staff development, specialised in professional communication, managementand relations with patients


Centrum dohody is very unique among Czech consulting and training companies for its wide scope of services provided for healthcare and pharmacy. We have implemented developmental programs for more than 8 000 healthcare professionals – including nurses, physicians and members of management of large hospitals and other healthcare facilities.


Centrum dohody focuses on managerial and communication skills development of health care professionals, especially on improvement of communication with patients and their relatives and education of patients and their families. A great deal of our services lies in consulting of strategic development of healthcare facilities, such as implementing palliative care, patient services or patient care improvement projects. Our coaches have been significant support to head physicians and nurses in decision making and organizational development processes.

Involvement of Centrum dohody in healthcare improvement


1. Development of medical teams

  • Education of physicians and nurses in communication, some of the programs have been accredited by medical associations

  • Support of cooperation in medical teams (conflict prevention and resolution)

2. Development of medical care facility management

  • Consulting and coaching for hospital management, chief physicians and head nurses

  • Trainings of leadership and managerial skills

  • Cooperation with Advance Healthcare Management Institute on Master of Healthcare Administration program

  • Organization development, organizational changes support

3. Education of medical staff in communication with patients, support of patients and their families

  • Trainings for physicians and nurses in communication with patients and their families

  • Education of patients and their families

  • Education of physicians and nurses focused on patient compliance with treatment improvement

4. Cooperation on scientific publications, creation of educational materials

  • Cooperation on various scientific publications

  • Creation of educational materials for patients and their relatives

  • Creation of educational films

  • Creation of communication manual for physicians

5. Giving invited lectures in medical conferences and workshops in various specializations, such as nephrology, oncology, rare diseases, haematology, dermatology etc.

  • Lectures focused on communication skills, team cooperation, communication with patients and their relatives, various psychological topics etc.


Selected relevant projects

Patient services for patients with rare diseases

Centrum dohody offers unique programs for patients and their families according to type of the illness and patients’ needs. We provide patient support in coping with their illness and its acceptance, and educate patients and their relatives about the illness and its treatment. We also coordinate the patient’s therapeutic management as a whole, mitigate the burden of physicians and nurses in organisation of nursing care, and provide service in increasing patient compliance.

MIND – project in cooperation with Janssen-Cilag

The goal of the project was to help diagnose Alzheimer disease during the initial or at least the middle phase and ensure the early start of the treatment.The second goal was to offer support to patients and their families. A numberof GPs were involved in the project.

MIND project helped to provide support in screening and early diagnostics for hundreds of patients. The project  also focused on explaining possibilitiesand benefits of treatment to patients and their families.

Development of palliative care

Centrum dohody helps with development of palliative care in the Czech Republic, mostly with a kind support of Avast Foundation. Our experts give invited lectures in palliative conferences and help palliative teams to perform well, we create educational materials for patient and physicians. We also cooperate with hospices in various organization development projects.

Motol University Hospital

Centrum dohody provided a number of very-well evaluated educational programs for Motol University Hospital. They were focused on development of communication with patients and managerial skills of healthcare professionals. 4 000 hospital employees participated in the trainings of Centrum dohody.

Communication with patients in cooperation with Novartis s.r.o.

Based on the cooperation with Novartis Centrum dohody trainers deliver workshops for medical staff in hospitals regularly. The workshops focus mainly on communication with patients and their relatives.

Monitoring of the treatment in cooperation with Celgene Czech Republic

A long-term cooperation focused on improving care for patients with hematooncological diseases.

Hospital of Sisters of Mercy of St. Charles Boromeo in Prague

Centrum dohody provided a complex analysis of functioning of the hospital and participated in the strategic plan development and implementation.

Transplantation Coordination Centre

Centrum dohody has provided consultation services in strategic management and various trainings for this organization on a long term basis.

European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV)

Since 2014 Centrum dohody senior consultants have been lecturing at annual international congresses run by EADV for their members.

Physicians, nurses and patients in nephrology

Centrum dohody has implemented a number of successful programs for physicians and nurses of dialysis centres throughout the Czech Republic since 1999. These included “Managerial skills development for head physicians” (a one-year program) and “The Art of Being A Nurse” (a two-year program). Programs for nurses were accredited by the Czech Association of Nurses and EDTNA.

Centrum dohody has also provided intensive workshops promoting team cooperation for individual departments in nephrology, as well as educational and teambuilding programs for patients.

Oncological centres

Centrum dohody has implemented a two-year training program in managerial skills for head physicians of oncological teams, various programs aimed to improve communication with patients and cooperation within medical teams in number of ncological centres, i.e. Department of Child Oncology in Motol University Hospital, Department of Oncology in České Budějovice, Oncological center Multiscan Pardubice, Department of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology in General University Hospital in Prague, oncology in Hospital Havlíčkův Brod, wide long-term programs for Institute of Haematology and Blood Transfusion, St. Anne’s University Hospital etc.

Master of Healthcare Administration Program, Advance Healthcare Management Institute

Centrum dohody participates in this unique executive educational program in healthcare management as soft skills and people management trainings provider. It takes place at Centrum dohody premises.

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