Conferences, meetings and events

  • Are you considering an important event for your company, the organization of which you would rather leave to experienced experts who will devote the necessary care to it?
  • Are you looking for a partner who will manage all the aspects of your meeting – organization, professional program and facilitation? All by one company, with no sub-contractors involved?
  • Do you want your event to bring actual results instead of being just a regular meeting?

Centrum dohody has extensive experience with arranging the content, as well as the logistical and organizational aspects of company events, workshops and conferences. We provide the same services as a standard event management agency, and besides that we can also help you perfect your key event in terms of its content. You will communicate with only one supplier, who organizes the event in full according to your instructions and pre-agreed budget. Arranging the key event will result in increased quality and decreased costs.

Creating the program, and facilitating the meeting

  • We will add ideas and humour to your social event. Whether it is a management meeting, a company-wide convention, a party for clients or a weekend programme for families with children, we will help you make up a program that they will remember for a long time to come.
  • We take care of the preparation and management of professional conferences, we will properly link up presentations, facilitated discussions, workshops and appearances of motivational speakers, we will arrange complete moderation of the event and workshop facilitation, and we will help you prepare key presentations.
  • We professionally facilitate workshops and important meetings, and we will help you in discussions about conflict themes. Thanks to our experience in mediation, we can prevent potential conflict, manage situations where the discussion suddenly becomes tense, and ensure that the meeting ends in the expected outcomes.
  • We can suitably supplement or combine the work/professional part of the program with an accompanying teambuilding, experiential, sport, cultural or gastronomic program.

Complete organization

  • We will save you lots of time and worries with organization, by arranging hotels, representational premises and technology - we will take care of it all.
  • We even arrange international logistics, visas, flights, hotels, conference rooms at home and abroad, as well as the continuity of the individual steps and points of the programme and co-operation with interested parties – external speakers and guests. Under our direction everything will go smoothly, even if combined with an attractive accompanying program.
  • Within the organization framework, we also ensure ongoing communication with the client and suitable presentation of the event to the participants, aimed at their motivation and preparation. Afterwards, we also process the outputs of the event according to the participants' needs.