Patient support program

We provide unique programs for patients and their families based on the type of their illness and their needs:

Educating patients and their relatives as well as increasing their awareness of the illness and its treatment

Understanding the nature of the disease, coming to terms with more realistic expectations and understanding the progress of the disease can significantly impact treatment outcomes. Educating patients contributes to their pro-active attitude towards disease management. This also enables the families involved to deal with the new situation and its dynamics so that they can assist in the best way possible.

Patient support in coping with their illness and its acceptance

A new difficult life situation can paralyse the patient mentally possibly leading to their denial of the disease. We provide support to enable patient and family to go through all the stages of coping with the disease. Patients who manage to accept their illness are also better able to cooperate with the physician as they go through therapy.

Our service increases patients' compliance, which in turn leads to optimized treatment efficacy and improved quality of life for patients

Patient compliance is often difficult in chronic diseases. We provide service to improve patient adherence to treatment and their cooperation with the treating physician. Proper use of treatment results in better therapeutic outcomes and hence enhances the quality of patients' lives. A personalized approach also makes it possible to carefully select compliance support resources based on the patient's health status.

Coordination of the overall therapeutic management of the patient

The complexity of multidisciplinary therapeutic interventions is often difficult for the patient to handle. Proper personal management enables coordination of pharmacological treatment within the overall treatment management. Our team of trained professionals is dedicated to providing comprehensive and long-term support to patients and their families. We collaborate with psychologists and psycho-social workers. We also offer patients legal support and physiotherapy services if necessary.

Alleviating the burden on physicians and nurses in organising nursing care

A complying patient who cooperates with the doctor and nurse in care management means a reduction in the time and psychological burden these health professionals deal with. Our patient support program does not by any means replace the expert care provided by healthcare professionals, but rather aims to assist them in achieving the expected results of therapy. All services are thoroughly consulted and coordinated with the attending physician.